JLH Virtual Services is Officially Open!

Welcome to the JLH Virtual Services website!

I’m so happy to have you stop by! I’m Jamie, the brains behind JLH Virtual Services. I am a professional Virtual Assistant specializing in assisting small business owners and self-employed entrepreneurs with financial service needs, social media, project management, Photoshop editing and even some administration services. I love what I do and I love helping small business owners and entrepreneuers move their businesses forward!

So how did I get here?

What in the world brought me to Virtual Services?!?!

Back in the fall of 2013, I started helping a friend in her photography business on the side by updating her blogs with the most recent sessions she had finished, along with helping her with some high-level Photoshop editing.  And guess what?  I totally discovered a new passion and loved it!  I strangely enjoyed working on the back-end of a small business and found it very empowering. I had always enjoyed photography as a personal hobby and working on the business side of this photography business motivated me to do…. more.  I have a total Type A personality and with my education and background, I knew something like this was right up my alley that I could really take to the next level to help small business owners.  I just wasn’t sure what the next step would be…

Then I learned about Virtual Assistants and what they did.


I created JLH Virtual Services by combining my love for finance, photography, writing, and social media.  Those things all go together beautifully, right?!  Maybe not at first glance, but they are all passions of mine and complement each other well when assisting small businesses.  By offering different services in these areas, I have helped other small business owners and entrepreneurs push their own businesses in the right direction.  Through this, I’ve been able to find the personal fulfillment and constant growth that I desire.  A win-win!  It was also very important to me to be able to create a company of my own where I am able to implement the work schedule I desire in order to have the lifestyle that meets my personal goals.  It’s been a wonderful journey so far!


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